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We are pleased to announce that Starck Johnson, MD and Specialty Eye Care have been selected as a Center of Excellence for a new advancement in the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A new FDA approved implantable miniature telescope, or IMT, is now available for patients that meet the criteria to treat the most advanced form of AMD in which both eyes have central vision loss. End-Stage AMD can develop from either the dry or wet form of AMD and is not curable with drugs. The telescope helps by using healthy areas of the retina to see instead of the area affected by macular degeneration. We are working with Colorado Retina Associates and low vision optometrists to provide this technology. Indications for use include:

  • Minimum age of 75 years
  • Have retinal findings of geographic atrophy or disciform scar with foveal involvement
  • Have not had cataract surgery in the eye in which the telescope will be implanted
  • Agree to undergo pre-surgery screening and assessment
  • Achieve at least a 5 letter improvement with the external telescope on the ETDRS chart
  • Have adequate peripheral vision in eye not scheduled for surgery
  • Agree to participate in postoperative visual training with an occupational therapist

If you have any questions regarding this amazing technology please call a CentraSight Care Manager at 1-888-999-4134. We are pleased to make you aware of this new treatment option and to let you know that we are your CentraSight treatment provider in Colorado.

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